Sharukh Khan Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is a science which helps us to look into the minds of people in a matter of minutes. Through it we can come to know about a person‘s emotional response, likes dislikes strengths, weakness because you can lie but your handwriting cant.


King Khans signature tells us that he is a person  who is very confident and has a  good personality. He can be a little bit selfish but believe in “Happiness of human life”.  Again looking solely at his signature (as that is what we have for analysis) we can say that he has leadership abilities and can depend upon himself  in situations of difficulty. The way he signs his name suggests that he wants to be seen but not known. The connectivity in his signature signifies a learnt person who can converse on any subject with ease. Our king khan doesn’t like being told what to do and would resent any kind of authority over him.

Born on 2nd November, Sharukh looks at the bright side of every situation. His leadership qualities will make people look up to him in any situation. He has the ability to follow and change thoughts smoothly, often a good speaker, writer or conversationalist.


In Handwriting Analysis, the signature of a person is just a badge to the world. We behave differently with our family and friends and behave differently with the society in general. Here the analysis being done solely on the signature holds good for his public image. We would like to have further handwriting sample for further analysis.

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Farida Bharmal

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