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Handwriting Analysis FAQ

What does my Handwriting reveal?

Handwriting can give you information in various areas of a person’s life. It gives you insight on a person’s motivation, strength, weakness, likes, dislikes, fears , defenses, emotional expressiveness , and mental makeup of a person. It also tells you how a person will behave with other people, whether they are logical or emotional decision makers, what their learning pattern is and how they wish to project themselves in front of the world. Monica O ‘ Hara , in her book ,  Graphology – a Guide to Health ,”Just as x-rays can penetrate the head to produce clear pictures of the skull, a graphologist’s reading can penetrate the write’s thoughts to see what lies behind them. With a few pen strokes and without even realizing it, people can disclose the deep symbolic meaning of their thoughts.” 

What is Handwriting Therapy?

Handwriting Therapy is a branch known as Graphology where we help the child to change his writing based on his personality with the help of Handwriting exercises done for a consistent period of time to help the child absorb the traits in his subconscious. We deal with helping the child to improve communication, cognition, attention, memory with the help of his own handwriting in a fun way.

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