Handwriting Analysis for Couples


Handwriting Analysis for Couples


This is a very less understood or misunderstood area of analysis, wherein we get the girl’s parents to analyse the boy’s handwriting or vice versa or the wife wants to know what her husband is up to. 

When you come with these issues, please don’t come, you have already made a sub-conscious decision and are simply trying to find fault with each other. 

Then how does it work?

  • In a couple analysis session, both the partners need to be present. 
  • Yes you can talk about issues you face with each other, with an intention of helping each other out and helping build each other’s strength.
  • You want to progress in life , are thinking of a starting a family, want information on how you can keep each other happy along with other members in your family. 
  • You have issues conceiving and are unable to handle the pressure and it’s getting to you ( We don’t give medical advice , this is a purely Mental Health Related situation )
  • You have constant fights and are unable to see a clear path ahead. 
  • You want to build up your communication skills 
  • You have constant arguments because of your children 
  • Any other issue which you would like to discuss with your counsellor
  • At Meerakii we believe in keeping every information we collect confidential and a space for the individual to share their thoughts and feelings without hesitation.

Important Information

  • The session is for 60 Minutes 
  • Prior appointment is a must
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