BORN TO WIN – (A mini course to Upgrade and Upscale)


BORN TO WIN – (A mini course to Upgrade and Upscale)



I believe that falling in love with yourself is the first thing any human should do, because that gives you the power to love others also. A person who is unable to meet his / her needs, be happy with themselves, how will they be able to understand anyone elses needs? Love them, understand them completely.

Especially for women, we end up living a life full of self doubt, in our relationships, in our careers, even with the food we make. How many times have you felt,
– ” It could have been better ”
-” I wish I could do this as competently as her ” , or
– ” I have studied just this much
– I wish I could speak just like you
– I wish I was just a bit more beautiful
– I wish my weight was just proper
– I wish I know how to make money
-…. I wish…. I wish

If you feel a connection to the above sentences, what exactly are you doing about it? I have just the course for you “BORN TO WIN ” – (Upscale and Upgrade ). The only time someone is going to treat you right is when you treat yourself with respect. That means being classy, respectful and assertive. Strength is when people see you and know you mean business. They value your time because they have seen you manage your time well. They know when they ask you to do some work, it’s as good as done!

That’s the kind of energy I am aiming for! Are you with me? If yes stop thinking and Register now!

Date : 8th September – Wednesday  (4:00-6:00)

  • Who am I and Roles I play
  • What’s my Purpose and how do I find it.

Date : 15th September – Wednesday (4:00-6:00)

  • Abundance Mentality
  • Get Set Go


Important Information

– Session will be conducted by Farida Bharmal

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