Individual Handwriting Analysis and Therapy


Individual Handwriting Analysis and Therapy


A person’s handwriting is really a part of himself; it becomes a habit, a second nature. This is why individuals are, and have to be, themselves when they write. Handwriting serves as a means for the expression of thought. It is the outward manifestation of one’s personality, and it is fully as characteristic as one’s manner of walking or tone of voice.

I have been analyzing Handwriting samples for the past 15+ years now and I have seen some amazing uses of the science where in individuals have seen the enormous benefits of coming face to face with what reality and their “perceived reality ” and thereby getting clarity on who they are and what they want in life.

I have used it as a means of therapy though various handwriting exercises, depending on who the person is and what their issues are, anger management, goal setting, students writing correction, signature correction, affirmations, manifestations, strategy building, every walk of life has been served with this amazing science. As you walk through this process with me, you will realize your true hidden potential and what your true calling is.

This is an amazing opportunity to move to the next stage in life. I look forward to meeting you inside the zoom meeting room upon booking this session. I wish you a successful life ahead.

Important Information

– Session will be conducted by Farida Bharmal
– Therapeutic changes in Handwriting and signature correction analysis will be done.
– Session will last for 90 mins

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