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Aryan Khan, the most talked about celebrity child trapped in a drugs case. (Not every storm comes to destroy you, some storms come to clear your path.) Provided you have the wisdom to act on it.

This post has 3 samples

  1. Aryan Khan
  2. Sharukh Khan
  3. Gauri Khan


The signature can be used as a quick reference to understand the nature of the person in front of you.

Till age 7, the mother is the most prominent person in a child’s life. The feelings of protection, appreciation, security are all a part of this period, if the child’s basic needs are not met, feelings of being unwanted, insecurity or inferiority can raise. (Absolute critical period for a child)

Age 7 -14, the child has started mingling around, he looks up to what his father does and draws hair strength from him. A beautiful period of body growth also. Fathers should take an hour active role as much as possible.

Now the teens and young adults are waiting to get out of the cocoons and turn into beautiful butterflies. It’s a period of struggle to understand who they are and what they stand for. Where will they look for reference? Parents – Friends – Environment will play major roles here.

In young Aryan Khans sample I can see how the young man is trying to establish who he is, taking note of how his parents have been and drawing his traits from them.

I see a young man who has been given everything, but yet has a self-esteem issue – (dangerous for his kind of environment where both father and mother are both high achievers) the young man wants to equal that but it’s too soon for a mere 23 year old!

One more thing to understand is that if you don’t feel confident from within, you will try to “Showcase ” it to the world, it’s a show, nothing more.

Notice his signature and he has tried to copy his father, I wish he understands soon that his father is Sharukh and he is Aryan, different names, different people, different identities. He can’t live his father’s life; he will have to create one for himself

Signatures are consciously adopted by us when we are still children, again who is the reference?

Parents – Friends – Environment

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