Gandhiji Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis is a scientific way of knowing a persons personality. You can look into the inner most secrets of a person in a matter of minutes.


Gandhi ji, the father of the nation is an extraordinary human being. He himself in his book “An Autobiography” OR the Story of My Experiments with Truth has written that bad handwriting is a sign of imperfect education.


However in Handwriting Analysis the handwriting is neither good or bad, only legible or illegible. Gandhi ji’s handwriting or mind writing is definitely legible and an indicator of a strong personality.


This man, though frail in his body, was by no means “weak”… in fact, the heavy endings in the letters, and strong downstrokes in the “g” indicate a person of a very high degree of determination. The “t” bars which end heavily, while going slightly downward, indicate self-control and a strong will power. This also indicates a person who wielded the power to dominate. It was, probably his broadmindedness, sympathy and benevolence, which made him a “lovable” dominator!


He was a fast thinker and could talk from one subject to the other with the least difficulty. This is shown by a high degree of connection between letters. A (8)like figure appearing in the y,g,or s or the t-bars connecting to the letters of the next words. It tells us that he was a people person and would plan everything that he did. He took his own time in planning goals and executing them.

Because of his strong will power and immense self control, this simple but honest man, who spoke his mind shown by the clean o’s with out loops  had driven the mighty force of the British away. His directness shown by the curving t’s had and leadership qualities had won millions of hearts, due to which he is remembered today also with great respect.


Gandhigiri works if we allow the principles of Gandhi ji to work. Talking about his greatness or his sacrifice becomes null and void if we ourselves cannot live in peace and harmony with each other.

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