Your Handwriting Your Perfect Guide

This Sunday I was going through ‘Times Of India‘ and came upon Deepak Chopra’s column in which a woman talks about her problem and what she is to do about it. Looking at her problem, I just felt like asking her for her handwriting as then lots of other things to would come out, like her self-esteem, or whether she had depression, her goals, fears or simply a person who was not able to accept the truth. Yes handwriting acts like your personal guide, it tells you plainly what’s going on in within you and whether it benefits you or not. I felt for that woman and wishes I would be able to help her as some pains go deeper and affect your life completely. For instance a wife knowing that the husband cheats on her, the woman is an emotional turmoil, frustrated and doesn’t know what to do. Sometimes they simply close their eyes to the problem and ignore its existence, some fight it out and some are beaten and silenced. So how does handwriting help these women? it helps them by incorporating certain traits that would give them the capacity to be calm and collected in such a situation, another is to have the capacity to take a decision and the ability to follow it through. Handwriting can also tell if a person will have a big sex drive or how he would look at others and behave with them. Honesty can be seen in the handwriting and so can dishonesty be found and removed to make you into a better human being.


Some people know their faults and want to change them to, but are unable to do so as they don’t know how, garpho-therapy helps such people to get their hearts desire. Because as Deepak Chopra said,”If you has a rock in your shoe, which is the best solution,to wonder if you deserve that rock or to pull it out?’

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Farida Bharmal

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Farida Bharmal

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