Stress Management

Stress is something which happens when your body doesn’t want to accept certain factor that has happened intentionally or unintentionally. This is a mental disturbance that causes anxiety and also is a mental disorder which destroys your peace of mind. In certain cases, the person might go to clinical depression and end up taking medicines.

Stress and anxiety are two faces of a single coin. As stress increase, the anxiety level also increases. It leads to chronic panic attacks which will harm the productivity of the person and also disturb their mental wellness. The issue of stress and anxiety has become more common in the present generation that, even a school going children are undergoing treatment for stress, which is very harming yet true.

Stress management is something in need of the hour as if the person takes in more and more stress might end up losing one’s life. Also when not managed efficiently, it consumes more energy and time to finish the work than compared to a normal routine. 

How to deal with stress?


  • Body scan: Scan your body and identify the stress points which are harming. Give it some attention, love, and care. Help your body to relax and give enough time for it to recover.
  • Exercise: This is something that is neglected too easily. Exercise lowers your stress hormones like cortisol – in the long run. Also, it helps in releasing endorphins, the chemicals that improve your mood and acts as natural painkillers.
  • Writing Therapy: keeping a journal can help relieve stress and anxiety, especially, if the focus is on the positive.
  • Laugh: laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. It also boosts the immune system.
  • Assertive Communication: So often we say “YES” though we want to end it as a “NO”, this adds up taking more stress. Being clear with your decisions can help save more time and also helps maintain your boundaries.
  • Time Management: Some stress is due to poor organization and managing becomes more difficult without planning the schedule beforehand. Managing time with your goal setting technique would help in the long run.
  • Balloon breathing: The breathing needs to be from the belly. At least 10 counts, which reduces anxiety levels.

  • Wave breathing: is another technique to reduce stress, where you go up when you breathe in and go down when you breathe out
  • Talk Therapy: Talk about your bothering and remove it from your stress. Talking it out helps find ways to solve the issues.

Our body has a natural system of rejecting external particles that are harmful to the body, likely stress is an external factor which when taken internally harms our daily routine. Hence, our body signals in multiple ways to say that it is not working well and the person needs to take care of oneself. Not taking stress too personally can save oneself from unnecessary baggage, which doesn’t belong to self, and also one can save another person getting harmed from the side effects of stress.

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