How Handwriting Affects the Mind of a Child

Handwriting analysis is a science through which you can come to know about person’s emotions, intellect, likes, dislikes, strengths weakness and much much more .


This is because Handwriting is not Hand-writing, but it is Brain which is writing!!!

Surprising isn’t it?? But very much true as well, when we were in our primary classes, we used to think of the alphabets to be written, but as our subconscious mind took over we didn’t pay any more attention to the formation of these letters. Due to which whatever you write comes from your subconscious mind and hence depicts your true personality. You can come to know a person’s thoughts and feelings which are hidden from the eyes of the world in just matter of minutes.


In this day and age of intense competition and everyday advancing technology, we are always in the lookout for an opportunity to take us further to our dreams and goals. We want our children to do well and put them in tuition classes give them the best available education that money could buy, most of the time we ask them to improve their handwriting. “Write in good handwriting” is what we say, but what exactly is this good or bad handwriting??  What is it that you want the child to change? Isn’t it a question you must ask yourself? Many a times parents come to me with the complain that their children do not have good handwriting and unknowingly make changes that are simply not beneficial to the child.

For eg. If a child is writing very small it means that he or she has very good concentration power and are unaffected by any outside disturbances. Here if you ask the child to write big, you take away  his concentration ability and wonder why suddenly his grades have fallen. This does not even mean that you ask your children to start writing small as small writing intensifies any other traits you have by 10% for eg. If a child has temper traits and you ask him to write small then his anger will be multiplied 10 times and so will every other trait positive or negative.


The science of handwriting can help you choose your career. People are happiest doing the job that they like the best and better to determine that when you are 18 than 30+.


It also helps in understanding your relationship with family, friends, business associates or your social circle  better and opens new doors to communication. Many a times people tell me that I am able to understand them much better than their family members. Truly to touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.


I can do so with the help of handwriting analysis and most importantly change my weakness into strength by just changing my way of writing. This is known as GRAPHO THERAPY. It means to change your handwriting in a scientific manner so as to change your personality.


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

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