Handwriting Analysis of The Mother Of Auroville

Mother Of Auroville: Mirra Alfassa


Traveling is an experience which can leave you speechless and then turn you into a story teller to. Somehow it makes you richer in terms of the knowledge you acquire. One such visit of mine was to Matrimandir – which is the soul of Auroville, a Place for silent concentration. It a 3 hour tour which begins with a short video and then proceeds with taking you to the center for visit. You have a city center where a museum shows with lots of pictures what the City is all about. The Matrimandir is a place which you go to learn how you can totally be silent and yet communicate , where you learn to observe yourself and be aware of your surroundings and the beauty that Nature is .

Handwriting Analysis is like a reflection to your personality , it acts like a mirror to the way you think and how expressive you are, what type of goals and aspirations you have and the story is endless.

Mirra Alfassa (21 February 1878 – 17 November 1973), known to her followers as The Mother, was a spiritual guru, an occultist and a collaborator of Sri Aurobindo. Aurobindo considered her to be of equal yogic stature to him and called her by the name “The Mother”. She founded the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and established Auroville an experimental township with no barrier and as a universal town, was an influence and inspiration to many writers and gurus on the subject of Integral Yoga. Below is the image of Matrimandir , you can visit the link for an aerial shot MATRIMANDIR

The Mothers writing slants significantly towards the right indication a person who is emotionally expressive, who would be open to the world around and mingle with people easily. People with a rightward slant can be moody and impulsive, however the cautious endings seen in the writing help to curb that trait to a certain extent.

We can see that the writing is small,connected, simplified and has a symmetry to it. We can see that she is a visionary , has high goals and aspirations which can be seen in the letter “t” (red highlight) a vision that  is different, stable and consistent. She could tune out the rest of the world when she wanted, had the ability to express her thoughts and philosophies in a way that the person would understand it easily. One such example can be found in the picture below where she is explaining the meaning of Yoga to a child. Take a look

It says : The Path of Yoga , the Mother made this drawing to explain to a child the meaning of Yoga. Man is at the bottom, the divine at the top. The wavy line is the path of the ordinary life and the straight line is the path of Yoga.

I’ve attempted a short video on this topic and its available on Youtube, do check it out and subscribe to my channel for updates.  Handwriting Video Brief Analysis

Her writing tells us that she was direct and straight to the point in conveying her thoughts and   could concentrate totally on whatever work was presented in front of her. Her needle pointed “m” tell us that she was an intelligent being and could grasp in a person and situations instantly. She may have been surrounded by followers or numerous number of people ,however she would trust very few people and her internal circle would have been limited.

The signature of a person is a badge to the world and her signature shows that wanted to be seen yet there was an air of mystery around her.Her signature is larger than the writing and even illegible suggesting a person who wishes to communicate their thoughts but not who they are. These people can be creative, impatient and secretive and would love to spend time in people oriented activities.

The above information is presented only due to curiosity and an urge to know about the writer and understand her in my own way. The images don’t belong to me and if you wish to find out more on Auroville or The Mother, please visit the website for details. Auroville

I would also take the opportunity Congratulate the Community of Auroville who have completed their Golden Jubilee this year in February. May the community thrive and achieve all their visions for which they have come together.

I hope you enjoyed reading the analysis and knowing more about a person from their handwriting , do leave in your comments , complains and suggestions. For getting your handwriting analyzed, please visit Get Analyzed

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