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As we all know , Music goes in the ears but it touches the heart. Almost every human being responds to music. It plays an important role in our lives from helping us relax,  concentrate , feel energetic , and some music makes you remember sad events, however it can also prove cathartic at times. Why does this happen? This is because Music can affect us Physiologically, Psychologically, Cognitively and Behaviorally. There are loads of researches going on as to how it  can affect the Brain.

Did you know that playing a Musical Instrument can make you Smarter! Children with musical backgrounds do better in subjects like language, reading, and math and have better fine motor skills than their non-musical classmates.

Learning a language or learning about making music engage similar areas of the brain and demand identical cognitive and auditory processing abilities. Apart from that there are various ways in which Music can be used which can  be browsed here.

When I met Sweethin Hartman , he was patiently waiting for his turn to get his Handwriting Analyzed along with many other distinguished guests at an Event organized by Delloit at The Marriott Hotel, Whitefield in Bangalore. Before I could analyze his handwriting, he was called for his performance and it got so late that I simply took his handwriting sample and decided to send his analysis later on. As my readers already know, the current topic of my blog is “Creativity”  and I am enjoying this journey of bringing you the Handwriting Samples of various people who are talented in their respective fields and what their writing says about them.

Sweethin Harman is a Saxophonist, Pianist, Guitarist and Vocalist who has participated in India’s Got Talent Season 7 and was a finalist there. He started learning at a tender age of 4 and has given a number of performances till date. He is presently associated with THE MICRO BAND. You can contact him on Instagram @Sweethartman  and Facebook HERE for Corporate Events, Weddings, Parties etc.

Can Handwriting Help you Learn? Just like learning music helps in enhancing  intellectual and emotional skills, such as reading comprehension, mathematics, spelling, listening and motor skills. Similarly Handwriting also benefits your cause of learning. While writing in cursive, the brain develops functional specialization that integrates both sensation, movement control, and thinking. Brain imaging studies reveal that multiple areas of brain become co-activated during the learning of cursive writing , as opposed to typing or just visual practice.

Sweethin’s Handwriting Analysis

As Einstein has rightly said , “Creativity is Intelligence having fun”. You can’t use up your creativity, the more you use , the more you have. Similarly Sweethin’s writing tells us that he is very imaginative and inventive. He has the ability to handle his thoughts and feelings and at the same time  manages to understand the other person’s point of view.  His writing shows a visionary mind set , indicating an intelligent, smart individual with total capacity to think out of the box.

His clear handwriting indicates a simple and straightforward reasoning ability. Sweethin is a level headed, disciplined and determined person.He has a balanced personality which is flexible and adjustable to any situation.

His writing indicates that he has emotions, but while making a decision,he’ll step back and look at the entire picture, then take take a final call. There is an urge to experiment in whatever he does, his level of quick-thinking can be seen with how he writes his “t” and the way he connects letters in his writing. There is a constant train of thoughts moving in his mind looking for the right destination.

Sweethin’s signature tells us that he is a friendly person and communicate well with people, but do not disclose his personal life to the outside world. The heart in his signature exhibits his artistically expressive temperament.

With the nature of the work, criticism is a part and parcel of life, the positive part is that he would be able to take it in stride, yet there would be times when his mind would revolve around the comment given. Fearing negetivity is fearing progress , one doesn’t need to accept whatever is said. In the words of Hillary Clinton, “Take Criticism seriously , but not Personally” an attitude which we all need to adopt. His writing indicates that he can tune people out if he doesn’t wish to listen to them which might alienate the other person. Hence I would suggest that he practice decorum in such situations.

My profession has given me the opportunity to understand human behaviour which is complex , doesn’t come with a map and that’s what keep me looking for constant methods to improve myself. One such way is by taking regular feedback which proves to be immensely insightful and motivates me to perform better. I will be sharing Sweethin’s feedback with you and request my readers to leave their valuable comments on the blog . I thank you for taking the time and patience to read the blog. 

My next post is about Plush Penchants,a Content Writing Company, whose quotes, musings and tips, you have been reading time and again in my previous blogs. Stay tuned for 3 extremely useful tips which they will be sharing about Content Writing in the upcoming analysis blog.

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