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Sakeena is a friend who I met online and got connected with. She is an aspiring  Makeup Artist with who has learnt whatever she knows by watching and reading a lot of material on the topic she is passionate about : Makeup. She believes that all women are pretty without makeup and can look pretty powerful with the right makeup. She loves to experiment and has an amazing fan following on her Instagram account which you can check out and follow for latest updates. MAKEUP BY SAKEENA

Just like Makeup, which should be used to enhance your natural beauty rather than shy away from it, similarly Handwriting also helps you come face to face with who you are, its like an exploration , you start from nothing and learn as you go. Let’s see what Sakeena’s writing says about her.

Handwriting Analysis is about who we are, what happened to us and how our lives were affected.Your writing speaks what your words are unable to explain. It’s a process of finding ourselves and loosing ourselves at the same time. It acts like the eye to the soul , it helps you imagine what you desire , and create what you will.

Sakeena’s writing tells us that she has strong social skills, and would love  moving and collaborating,however she would feel comfortable back home with her loved ones.  Her writing tells us that she would listen rather than talk , observe, think before speaking and dislikes conflicts. If she were to open up to someone, they would sure be special to her,

Sakeena’s writing shows a lot of imagination, she can construct things in her mind. She has a skill known as manual dexterity which means someone’s ability to use the hands to perform a difficult action skillfully and quickly so that it looks easy.

Her writing indicates that she has set high goals for herself, however sometimes she ends up worrying about them which can leave her frustrated for some time. After an hour or two of being socially on, she would like to “Turn off” and recharge her batteries. This time alone is required by her to restore her energy just like sleeping or eating would nourish the body.


Handwriting Tip: Manual Dexterity can be seen in the letter “r”, which is written in many ways. I am sharing the image of the one which would help you recognize it from a handwriting sample easily and clearly.

Sakeena’s writing is clear and she knows what she wants , She might take a little time to start however once she does, there’s no stopping her. She would feel a bit conscious about what the other person thinking about her. She can access people and situations rapidly and might get irritated if anyone were to slow her down.

While giving her an analysis for her writing , I came to know that she wishes to have her own Makeup Academy and give various classes, and tutorials online also. I wish her all the very best in all her endeavors. She has had the chance of working with many people in different people and feels that every no one should be judged by their skin color because people are beautiful with or without makeup, its how you use what you have to the best of your ability. For that she feels that people just need to be educated about various natural resources and how they can be used to their maximum capacity. She owns all that she has learnt to Mr Jovita George  whose YouTube videos she follows religiously. Sakeena finds her as a sourse of her inspiration and is immensely grateful for her guidance. Jovita has been Miss Kerela 2005 who went on to anchor TV shows and Modelling. Sakeena has had the privilage of working with Mr Sachin Parekh, as a makeup artist in a show “Tota Maina Ki Kahani” , Mr Sachin Parek was the anchor of this show which was shot in Kuwait. I am sharing a slide show of some of the work she has done. You can follow her on her Instagram account for many make up videos and exciting new information which she shares from time to time. MAKEUP BY SAKEENA

Our signature is our identity for the outside world and Sakeenas signature tells us that she wants to be seen but not known. She wants her work to be noticed and feels grateful that she has an amazing family to support her in all her efforts. Her Signature upon further analysis also shows fluidity of thoughts and ideas and also a positive approach to life.

This is my analysis of Sakeena’s writing and I hope you enjoyed reading it just as I enjoyed writing about it. I have loved her innocence , her bright mind and enthusiasm to work towards her passion. I am happy to have met her and interact with her on various occasions. I’ll leave you with this quote by Plush Penchants , see how its applicable in your life .



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