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A number of articles have been making the rounds degrading the amazing science of Graphology, I have hence decided to compile an article which has links and articles posted on Validity of Graphology as a science by fellow Graphologists.

Key events in the development of graphology as a social science, including such things as the reclassification

of graphology by the Library of Congress. Thanks to the efforts of Rose Matousek, in 1980

Library of Congress changed graphology from Occult and placed it in three categories: 155.282 (Diagnostic

graphology) 363.2565 (Documentary evidence), 658-3112 (Selection of personnel management).

In 1990 Rose got the U.S. Dept. of Labor to change the graphology as “Entertainment” to “Miscellaneous

professional” in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. (I thank Linda Green for supplying me with this key piece of information, not easily available on the net.)

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