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Everyday in the newspaper we hear about children and adults committing suicide. the reasons are many, not able to cope with the daily activities in life, depression, upset because of low grades or not coming first. Problems that are present in some form or the other, but sadly people need to realize that problems will not cease to exist after they have gone. Problems are a part and parcel of life and its essential to develop a positive attitude towards them than otherwise, I came across some sites wherein the spirit of the person makes me feel proud of having read such amazing articles and of course I would like to share them with my readers as well.

First-Grader Born Without Hands Wins Penmanship Award!

Usually we morn about how bad our handwriting is or our children need to improve their writing or that we can only print and write in cursive and so on, but here this 7 year old was born without hands, but she just won an award for her fabulous handwriting in the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest.

Luckily we even have her handwriting and it looks just like any normal child’s writing. This is because Handwriting can also be termed as Mind Writing as its the mind or brain which controls the vital organs. Even movements you initiate are controlled by your brain. The brain is part of the nervous system which sends messages to your muscles and bones resulting in the movement you intended. Similarly we see many people who write with their mouth or their feet, this is because its your brain or more specifically your mind that is controlling almost all your actions. The brain has many different parts. The brain also has specific areas that do certain types of work. These areas are called lobes. One lobe works with your eyes when watching a movie. There is a lobe that is controlling your legs and arms when running and kicking a soccer ball. There are two lobes that are involved with reading and writing. Your memories of a favorite event are kept by the same lobe that helps you on a math test. The brain is controlling all of these things and a lot more. There is more information available on the amazing topic of the brain. Click here


Anna’s handwriting is just another example of how a person can overcome their adversities and just not only in one field but many.  Our handwriting is a mirrow to our inner world, what we feel and how we go about our day to day activity is all shown by the writing. Annie’s writing is in the print script and hopefully she will win many more handwriting competitions and we will have a number of her writings to analyze from. Her handwriting shows clarity, good utilization of space and the communication letters are open and clear.  The size of the middle zone is the major factor considered in handwriting analysis. Most letters are found in the middle zone of writing. There are three different “zones” in graphology. Each one represents a very different aspect of life. Namely the Upper Zone, Middle Zone and the Lower Zone. The middle zone is where the lower case letters like a, c, e, i, m, n, u, and v reside. The middle zone represents daily life, reality, and social integration. It t represents the ego – from it we get a lot of information as to how the writer feels and acts in public settings – what makes them tick socially and at work. Another name that I would mention here, is of Shenzhen: The street‘s armless calligrapher, with no arms used his feet and wrote down some inspirational words in Chinese calligraphy for the Foxconn employees, to advice them not to take the extreme, step of committing suicide by jumping of the buildings. During 2010 there were at least 10 consecutive suicides of Foxconn employees.The armless man wrote, “To brothers and sisters of Foxconn, life is priceless, ought to fulfill filial duty, there is always a way out, harmony relies on oneself”. This man’s action soon attracted a number of Foxconn employees who were passing by on their way home from work. Many expressed support and appreciation, some stepped forward asking for the inspirational pieces.Read more at

The struggle of this man is evident from the picture itself, but more evident is the spirit with which he is spreading the message to those with hands and legs intact not to take an escape route of suicide. He was a Chef in Beijing and we can only imagine the importance of his hands for not only his personal needs but also for culinary skills. A severe gas explosion made him severely disabled. After several surgical procedures, luckily he was able to live. With responsibilities on his head, he decided to write with his legs and help out with financial matters of his family. The agony that he and his family must have gone through needs no explanation. when he heard about many young people committing suicide he sat in front of the Foxconn office to inspire people and showing by actions to look at the brighter side of things.

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