Effects of watching TV and Gadgets on the Brain

If your are a parent, this article is a must read , I had been wanting to write a article on how tv and gadgets like mobile, notebooks, rewrites the brain, this will show you what effect it has on the child and why he’s better without the modern day Gadgets. Alternatives which you can try at home.

In this modern day and age we want our child and ourselves to be upgraded about everything. The way it’s impossible for us to go without a mobile , I have noticed ,it’s the same for the kids and even more. They operate the device much better than us. Watching YouTube or downloading games is a literally a child’s play for them. But did you know what are the harmful effects of mobile phones on children?


Let’s find out…


During the toddler years, the brain triples in size and continues to grow till the adult years. The first three years of life are the most significant period of a child’s development, especially for the brain, which is growing faster than any other part of the body. During this time, a child’s brain is more receptive to positive influences—and more vulnerable to negative ones—than it will be in later years.

Same principle applies for handheld gadgets which according to THE WHO, cell phone radiation is classified as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. Children absorb more than 60 percent of the radiation into the brain than adults. Their brain’s thinner skin, tissues, and bones allow them to absorb the radiation twice than the grown-ups. Their developing nervous system makes them more vulnerable to this ‘carcinogen’.

Scientists have discovered that just 2 minutes of the phone call can alter the electoral activity of the kid’s brain for up to an hour. The radio waves from the mobile penetrate deep into the brain, not just around the ear. The disturbed brain activity could impair children’s learning ability and trigger other behavioral problems like difficulty in managing emotions ,self consious, obesity, screaming, hitting, being rude for no given reason, talking back, stealing, being lazy or disoriented , or even manipulative.

The mind of your kid is like clay. It forms early impressions on what it sees, and these early impressions determine how he sees the world and affect his grown-up behavior.

Does this mean that we stop tv or use of gadgets completely ? Of course not , the best way would be to get them in other activities rather than taking a ruler and running behind them everytime they open the tv or take a gadget in hand.

It is also important to know that once the child has view the tv or uses a gadget , give them a clear 45 mins space before you get them to study as their brain waves change while using these gadgets and you need to get them on the correct frequency in order for them to study and retain anything they learn.

​I hope the article has been productive , do share your comments on the same.

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