January 25th, 2015

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Traits to Avoid in Handwriting Analysis.

The science of Handwriting analysis is unique and powerful because it gives you the ability to look deeper into your sub-conscious mind and identify your emotions, thoughts, strengths and weakness. Sometimes, consciously or sub-consciously we are aware of situations going on in our life that we want to change, things which are holding us back to take a leap forward and lead the life of our dreams, and thanks to Handwriting Analysis, we can not only identify them, but also stand back and observe as to why they are in our life and whether we want them to continue or turn over a new leaf and look at life afresh.


Let’s see what those traits are:-


  1. Stubbornness: stubbornness in handwriting analysis is indicated by an upside down “v” which can be seen in the letter, “d, t”. The more number of times it comes in the writing, the stronger the trait. It indicates that once the writer makes up his mind, they rarely want to change and even if proven wrong, they find it hard to accept that they are wrong. This writer has the fear of being wrong and you see a lot of confusion and frustration, a great degree of defiance in them. If they are the decision maker of the family, people around them also feel frustrated because they just don’t listen to reason or consider another option. This strait is a major energy sucker and the writer is better without it.


  1. Low Self Esteem: Shown with the “t-bar” written below the baseline, this trait indicates a person who is resistant to change, a sense of being inadequate, in ability, or in comparison with others. These people are happy to be in their comfort zone and shy away from a new venture. These are the people who might stay longer in a bad relationship or job. These writers usually feel that they lack self-confidence, have inner anger that they aren’t able to express themselves and their situations clearly.



  1. Fear of Success: every person loves success, who wouldn’t want it?? However the writer of this trait indicated by a downturned y which falls before reaching the baseline. The nearer the person is to the baseline, the more they come closer to finishing their job, but turn away in the last moment. This writer sabotages their own success, not because they fear success, but they fear the responsibility that comes along side it. They also seem frustrated with themselves. Hence when you look at this trait in your handwriting, ask yourself, Why am I running away? What am I running away from? Handwriting comes from the sub-conscious, and your problem but also find the solution for it. Maybe there is something in your life that’s asking for a change!!




  1. Resentment: resentment is a very sad trait to have in the writing because this person has an inner anger, inner hatred directed towards the other person, but it never comes out in the open, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. This is a negative emotion that a person has towards the other and the energy associated with this trait is struck up inside this person, which at a later on stages affect them mentally or physically. It is indicated by a harsh upstroke coming from below the baseline and moving upward without any curve or bend. It’s also one of the traits that we find in criminals.


  1. Self –Castigation and crossing the Signature: self castigation is punishing one self and taking the blame for that particular episode on their shoulders. It is indicated by the t-bar moving in the right to left direction and if the ending is sharp, the writer is harsh upon themselves. If the signature or any part of the signature is slashed, that also means something. If the entire signature is slashed out , it indicates that the person has issues and anger directed towards himself. This person is personally dissatisfied, rebellious, self-destructive, and unhappy with themselves.


  1. Sensitivity to criticism: indicated by the “t” and “d” loops, this is one trait found in almost all the handwriting’s, we all have felt bad at some point or the other, felt hurt at some issue and the feeling of pain is universal. The “t” loop signifies that if a person feels bad if someone were to criticize his thoughts, ideas and philosophies. The “d” loop signified that a person would be hurt if they were to comment on some aspect related to themselves, like their dressing, way of talking , walking etc.  The bigger the loop, the bigger the imagination this person has towards that painful experience.


I would like to end by this quote, “If you do not use today, better than yesterday, then what is the use of tomorrow!!” with Handwriting Analysis you have the ability to look deeper , understand yourself better and leave behind what you don’t like.

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