January 1st 2018

Wings To Fly

In our day to day life we come across many people who we are in contact with, we spend a good amount of time together, but rarely do we really know them. Wings To Fly is my attempt to bring forth the amazing human beings I have come to know in this journey of learning Counseling, Handwriting Analysis and various other areas which I have had the chance of spending time with firsthand. I will be sharing the handwriting of these wonderful people along with their analysis and how each person has used their talents to the fullest and some inside information which usually remains hidden. This is my New Year Best Wishes for them in my own way.

Kowsar Khan -Mrs Karnataka 2016

Kowser Khan:

( Mrs Karnata 2016, Mrs India Runner up 2016, Actor, Anchor, Mentor for Personal Grooming and Voice Modulation )

I met Kowser in Banjara this year while pursuing my counseling course. While attending various classes , I came to know that she is a versatile adult who wanted to try her hand at everything interesting she came across. I shall be sharing her Handwriting Analysis with you. I would never be able to forget the day she walked up to me and said I could help you with your voice and trained me for 2 hrs privately. She was the first one whose sample I got and here goes her analysis

Handwriting Analysis is a science by which you come to know about a person’s personality, his emotions, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.

Just like Kowser her writing also shows zeal, enthusiasm and a brain that’s working fast and thoughts which come one after the other.Her writing tells me that she is a person who has emotions, you will express herself quite clearly, however while taking a decision, she will swift and way the facts, there will be a constant type of battle going on inside her and once decided what she wants to do, she’ll go for it. There will be times when emotions can affect her quite deeply, and she’ll have many emotional ups and downs in a day.

Kowser’s writing reflects that she is a person who has pride and dignity, she will give and expect respect. Her writing shows that she likes to mingle around and enjoy herself, however she also have this need to be left alone for at least some time in a day, it’s a quiet period and it’s important for her to rebuild her energies.

Once committed to something, She will see to it that the job gets done no matter what. As the quote says, “A Pencil and a Dream can take you anywhere”. Kowsers writing tells me that she is capable of holding her stand in a group of people and  equally capable of tuning them out if the conversation doesn’t interest her.

One thing I notice in the writing is that its going downwards, it could mean that  she was uncomfortable while writing or could be due to any tiredness or fatigue Or due to any medication or could be feeling low at that point while writing.

Our signature is our badge to the world, it’s how we want the world to see as. The beautiful lady who is Mrs Karnataka 2016 and runner up Mrs India 2016, also helps destitute women by giving them motivational training, teaches them selling skills, Anchors shows , has worked in TV serious and some movies, has a  signature that is bold and strong, however we can only make out half a word, the other is kept short.She is allowing only a part of her life to show, the other part is quite private and might even be out of reach of people.

Abbas Hararwala:(Fitness Expert at We Gym and proud owner of “Birds of Paradise”, Mentors the techniques of breeding Exotic Birds)

The next person who I would like to speak about is my childhood fried and a man with a Golden Heart – Abbas Hararwala. This 33 year old is is a Fitness Expert and “Ariculture” science of keeping and breeding birds. Lets look at what his writing says about him.

Did You Know: Writing things by hand jumpstarts your brain, improves your spelling, allows you to think faster and helps you to better remember newly learned information.

Abbas’s  writing tells me that he is a person who has emotions, but will express only what he wants someone to know. I appreciate the fact that he took the time to write  so much about what matters to him and I can see how much it means to him. I can also see in his writing that there’s some dilemma which he’s facing and currently in the to do or not to do mode.

All of us feel bad if someone were to criticize us, Abbas would feel bad if someone were to look down upon his ideas and thoughts. His goals seem to move up and down due to it. Sometimes he wants to take risk free goals and sometimes he has vision which he wants to live up to.

Looking further, his writing tells me that he loves variety in life, good food, music, traveling however there’s frustration also seen in the writing due to which his mind tends to stray back to what’s troubling him time and again.

His writing indicates that he is involved in many activities, coming one after the other and his enthusiasm for his work is one thing that moves him forward. His humorous side pops up suddenly making it an added bonus not only for himself, but also for the people around him.

There are times when he would  feel a bit conscious as to what the other person thinks about him. There is also a lot of self control that he is exercising on himself. He might want to take care that it doesn’t leave him stressed out in the end.

His writing tells me that he will takehis time to come to a decision, once done he wouldn’t like to change his mind.Even if hes in a group of people he would have his own opinion and won’t feel compelled to do what the crowd is doing.

His signature indicates that he wants to be seen but not known, he has leadership qualities, inner strength and can depend on himself in any given situation. It also indicates that behaves in the same way with family and friends rather than  put up a mask for someones sake.

This is my analysis of his writing. You can follow a lot of his amazing fitness videos or call him to visit his farm “Birds of Paradise”


Rameet Kaur: Extremely talented, her Hobby is her Profession, She has mastered this art in the last 25 years,today her work speaks for itself. She has been featured several times in Deccan  Herald Newspaper

Food For Thought : Start writing no matter what , the water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.

Rameet is a person who believes in doing everything that gives us happiness and nourishes one’s Mind, Body and soul.She is an optimistic person who wants to spread not just the light with her Candles, but also love. Her classes are worth attending and so far since I’ve known her, there is no dull moment when you are with her. She is always organizing something or the other. Deccan Herald has also done a feature on her and currently she is pursuing Diploma in Counseling and Certificate course in Life Skills from Banjara Academy. Lets see what her handwriting revels about her personality.

Handwriting is like thinking ,but on paper. Rameets writing tells me that she is a person who has the ability to adjust with both introverts and extroverts. In a day she would be experiencing lots of ups and downs, at one point her thoughts would be flying high and she would be experiencing high spirits and suddenly the other minute she would fall a bit dull and feel drained emotionally.

One thing that can be seen in your writing is that even though she is pretty honest and straightforward, she will be able to keep a secret and not succumb to temptation. Her Writing remind me of the quote ,”Never Underestimate the Power of a Girl, Who knows What she Wants”

Her writing indicates that she is involved in a lot of activity and hence requires to take out some   ‘me’ time for herself. It sort of freshens her up again. She needs to be left alone for some time in a day to think, have a conversation with her inner self and to bounce back.

Rameet’s writing shows that she want the person to come directly to the point instead of beating around the bush and wasting time, she can infact turn a deaf ear to a person who she doesn’t  wish to listen to.

Rameet’s writing shows that she is a very meticulous person  who will do things slowly and steadily. She  will say things in such a way that the work is done and yet a person won’t take offense if they didn’t like the outcome.

 Rameet can be contacted for workshops and even for personalized gifts, Catch her on https://www.instagram.com/meehrrkaur/

Prof. Ramaswamy : The above quote is absolutely true for the next analysis which I bring to you. It was fortunate I met him when he was giving a talk about Sujok Therapy , an amazing person who walks the talk, I especially remember him coming out and helping my relative when she was feeling very ill and nothing seemed to work. He didn’t think for a moment and came out right to her rescue. People like him make me have faith in humanity all over again. Dr Ramaswamy :CHt; MD(Acu)Alt; SJt; He is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Hypnosis teacher, MD inAcupuncture, Sujok therapist and Certified Sujok Lecturer by International Sujok Association (ISA).


Founder, Director – Radiant Always – Academy for Research and Training in Natural Health.

Food For Thought : One Book, One Pen, One Child, and One Teacher can change the World. -Malala Yousofzai

Prof Ramaswamys Handwriting tells us that he is a person who will is in tune with his emotions however while listening to someone, he might feel for them, but while making a decision, he’ll take one step back, study the whole picture again and then take a call. His writing tells us that he has a lightning fast mind,    it will have one thought after the other coming in, which helps him to make a good speaker, writer and enables him to engage his audience without loosing their attention.

One thing I can find in his writing is the level of imagination he has, the ability to construct ideas, see high goals and determination and drive to go after them, however  it even shows a bit of procrastination and irritation present when things don’t go as planned.

Prof’s writing indicates that he wants the person to come directly to the point and not beat around the bush. It even shows that he rarely likes to change his mind once its made up.

You might not have realized it before, but the way you write can reveal a lot about your personality.Graphology focuses on four main areas: size, slant, pressure and spacing. By analyzing these four aspects of one’s handwriting, much about their personality can be uncovered.

Coming Back to the analysis , A person should ask for the Prof Ramaswamy’s   opinion only if they really want it,for he would tell them the fact , however how much to tell will solely depend on him.  He is equally capable of keeping secrets without giving up this or his counsellee’s integrity.

His writing tells me that he is involved in many activities and is passionate about what he does. His writing shows manual dexterity (someone’s ability to use the hands to perform a difficult action skillfully and quickly so that it looks easy). Incidentally I have a tit bit which I would like to share with the readers.

Signature is a badge to the world. It tells you how you behave with people in the society. His Signature reveals that the Prof wants to be seen but not known. It shows that he would willingly take up responsibility on himself and have the leadership ability to fulfill it to the best of his capacity. It also shows a benevolence and goodwill for the fellow human being.

Kindly Note : Note of the analysis has Signatures revealed for the safety of the people involved.

Readers can contact him at Radiant Always-JP Nagar, Bangalore-560078. His Mission is   Helping you be RADIANT ALWAYS, by working with andguiding you, toExplore the unlimited capacity of the MIND.Balance and Boost the Energies of the BODY.Experience the inner wisdom of the SOUL.

Below is a brief profile of the Prof.

Sudha Jain:My last analysis for the day is about Sudha, who has a deep rooted passion for writing . She has a beautiful blog ‘Words for Your Thoughts’, and has written for several English Dailies including Deccan Herald and The Hindu, covering a range of subjects from homes and interiors, lifestyle to education and still continues to write for newspapers for the sheer joy of writing.

In the words of William M Thackeray, ” There are thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a Pen to write”

According to Rolland Martuso in Handwriting Analysis, your handwriting is a photograph of your psyche. Martuso explains that handwriting is similar to body language. “Whatever is inside the mind shows up in facial expressions, posture and actions.” Learning about handwriting analysis can give you clues into the true personalities of your family, friends and co-workers. Your handwriting style is a physical expression of your internal world, so knowing the basics about handwriting analysis can give you more insight into who you are-by Samantha Fey

Sudha’s writing tells us that she is a person who has emotions, but will express only what she wants someone to know. She would want facts in order to do something, why, when, where, what for -are all necessary for her to take a decision and equally important if someone wants to change her mind.

Her writing reveals that she can think fast and once she starts writing or talking, she would be able to convey her thoughts to the other person without any issues. She might even wonder how she will start, but once she does, there is no looking back.

Sudha’s writing indicates that she likes to set high level goals for herself and has the zeal and enthusiasm to work on them.

She is a person who has her own ideas and opinions and won’t feel compelled to go along with  what others say.

Sudha would make decisions based on information available to her, rather than digging deeper, she will listen to various viewpoints, work on them and then proceed with what she wishes to do.

I would like to Thank each of you for reading the article and Let me take the opportunity to Wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Tomorrow is the first page of a 365 page book,Write a good one! Please do leave a comment on how you like the analysis. Tasneem S  has written a beautiful quote for me as well which I would like to share with you. She came up with all these quotes in just a day’s time making it even more special for all the people Whose analysis I have put up here.

Stay tuned for our next article.We will have many more beautiful people who you can meet in the next issue. Meanwhile do You know anyone who deserves recognition for their Creativity? Please do send in their contact number so we can get in touch with them.

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