Awaken the Leader in you Through your Handwriting

We usually find ways that help us in motivating others getting them to do something that we want done and in a way that he himself wants to do it. This activity usually takes place and the right person is one who can get the people enthusiastic enough to do such tasks. There is a story which my friend told me and I would like to share it with you. There was a manager named Steve and he was to attend a seminar which his company had sent him for. Now in the four day period, there was a presentation on leadership and it was not mandatory. Steve was a fond player of Tennis and felt that instead of attending he could have a good game or two and spend the better part of the day relaxing. He went to the organizers and confessed that he didn’t feel like attending the seminar but would appreciate some tips that they could give him that would help him get his team to perform better. The organizer was a very clever and smart person. He told him without mixing words that he just wouldn’t be able to tell him how to manage his people.


Steve was astonished and he said so that this presentation was on how to get people motivated to get a job well done.  The organizer agreed that they gave seminars just on this topic, but let the audience know that there is no way a person can control the other and that the motivation comes directly from the staff itself than from the boss. He went on to elaborate that the key in any situation is to get the people motivate themselves and that is what the seminar was about.  Steve was a intelligent fellow. He forgot his tennis and stayed on for an interesting section and was among the few who occupied the first few seats. After all pointing the way is not sufficient, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

How you convince the person to stay and that to because they want it themselves is an art, the better you get acquainted with it and the more you practice, the more success you will have. This useful trait can be seen in one’s handwriting, just look in for t-bars, this trait is known as enthusiasm and it is one of the basic features that is found in the writing of rich and famous men. Enthusiasm sells; it makes people notice you and is a drive that gets the work done. If you are a boss and want to start new projects or choose a team leader, enthusiasm is a main ingredient you should look out for. It saves time and money for a lot of recruiting agencies who are looking for the right person for a right job.

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