Grab a pen , paper and write down the below paragraph

” I am learning to analyze what my writing says about me and to know more about my personality and help me become more self aware about myself and develop myself from thereon. “

This video will talk about:
1) Whether you procrastinate or not
2) Are your feelings easily hurt ?
3) Do you want to be different from the crowd ?
4) Do you give up at the last moment ?
5) What does your Signature say about you ?

About Farida Bharmal

Farida Bharmal

Founder of Meerakii

I am an Expert in Graphologist (Handwriting Analyst ), Counselor and Life Coach by profession . I work with World Class, Growth Minded Educators, Counselors, Psychologists and Coaches. I help them become Certified Handwriting Analysts so that they can analyze the personality of their clients in 10 minutes and work on their limiting beliefs and cognitive biases. 

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