Career Counselling


Career Counselling



A Session in Career Counselling is a space where you get objective and professional advice on your thoughts, feelings, and concerns about your career and education. It helps you organise your thoughts and potential career choices. It helps you choose a job that you like and feel comfortable doing. The session will help the individual to have a deeper introspection about themselves and recognize their strengths and weaknesses and how best to utilize their strengths, what their choices are and how they wish their life to proceed. 

We are not affiliated with any college or admission to any institution. This is a session where you can :

  • where students or adults can open up about what their potential choices in career are, which field can be taken up. 
  • Their pressing issues and fears related to their future 
  • This session will help you with SWOT analysis, goal setting, skills required for your career choice, and what is the main type of intelligence that you possess. 
  • Explore, Plan, Organise, Navigate, and Track your Goals and progress. 
  • At Meerakii we believe in keeping every information we collect confidential and a space for the individual to share their thoughts and feelings without hesitation.

Important Information

  • The session is for 60 Minutes 
  • Prior appointment is a must
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